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Coastal Friendly Developments 

What is coastal friendly development?

It is the combination of using scientific data and principles of coastal and marine process to strategically undertake developments in the island environment. While this also falls under environmental architecture, this is particularly focused on developments taking place in both the marine and island environment that can have adverse effects on the environment. Such projects include development of mooring areas, over water structures, beach enhancements and planning and designing coastal protection architecture around islands that need to be balanced both visually and environmentally.

What is it important?
Any development on an island should be in such that it has the least effects on the environment, and more specifically on the beach. Beach is the most dynamic area of the island and what happens in an island or around the island can bring big changes to this natural process. Therefore, when planning developments in islands, lagoons or reefs, planners and architects must consider the following:

• How can it be developed with minimal impacts on the coast?
• If the coastline is affected, how can development be undertaken while addressing these issues?
• What are the limitations of development on the lagoon and reef that will ensure that the coastline is not affected?
• If coastal protection is needed around islands, what is the best possible way to develop the island incorporating coastal protection at the early stages.
• How can coastal protection and structures around the island be both environmentally effective and visually attractive (one of the biggest challenges to the resorts).