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Coral transplantation 

What is a coral transplantation?

This is simply moving corals from one area to another area. When developments takes place on the reefs and lagoon, thousands of corals are damaged and destroyed. Most of the resort development projects are typical examples where large areas of coral reef are damaged. Coral transplantation is a mitigation option whereby corals from one area are transplaned to a strategic location of the island’s house reef and lagoon which would ensure that they are protected from the development.
Transplantation of corals require skills, technical knowledge and good planning . It is not simply moving a piece of coral from one point to another.

Our approach methodology?

Coral transplantation requires assessing and preparing the receiving environment to receive new colonies. Site selection is undertaken after conducting many surveys such as water quality and bathymetry. Once the ground works are done, corals will be transplanted using specialized techniques that will ensure that the survival rate of corals are kept at maximum.

                Lagoon from where corals would be moved to another safe site, Moofushi.


Coral transplantation in Moofushi resort, South Alif Atoll

Moofushi resort was redeveloped in 2009 to upgrade the resort to a higher standard property.
This involved the development of new overwater rooms in the lagoon. But the project was seen to threaten the sensitive live corals in the lagoon. As a large area was to be affected, the developers of Moofushi resort realized the importance of salvaging these corals, which would be completely destroyed during construction of the water villas. Hence, it was decided to transplant these corals to strategic locations of the island’s house reef and lagoon. The goal was to periodically remove corals from areas which they be destroyed during the construction.

The project was implemented under the supervision of a Marine Biologist from Water Solutions and was jointly undertaken by the resort. Although not all the corals were transplanted, the project was a success and new colonies were developed from the transplanted corals.
By transplanting them to different sites on Moofushi’s house reef, these corals were not only rescued, but also used to build artificial coral gardens, which automatically created a new habitat for various fish and invertebrates.

Coral transplantation in Moofushi resort


Coral transplantation is something that requires good knowledge and understanding of the corals and the types of environment they grow. Coral transplantations are required in developments where the project activities affect coral colonies to a greater extent.
With regard to coral transplantation, we provide the following services:
• Initial assessment
• Technical and economic feasibility
• Cost calculations
• Materials and methods
• Obtaining the necessary approval from the government
• Monitoring and supervision

Water Solutions can provide all of the above from within our company. To get more information, please contact us.