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Designed Reefs 

What is a designed coral reef?

Many coral reefs in Maldives are threatened by both natural disasters and human activities, calling for efforts to find a way to promote their regeneration or even new growth. One possibility to achieve this is through designing an artificial coral reef.
A designed reef is a man made reef created using artificial structures underwater and stimulating the growth of corals on them. The shape and size of such reefs can be custom designed to suit the needs of the client and thus the word, “Designed Reef”.

Cost-effective, artificially created coral reefs can enhance certain areas of the lagoon and the reef, which would attract numerous reef fish and provide an important habitat for young settlers. A designed reef serves as a catalyst for recovery by increasing the live coral cover and topographic complexity of a reef. Designed reefs created by Water Solutions are sustainable, because only broken coral pieces from the sea floor are used to regenerate them. Therefore, there is no damage to the existing corals in a reef.

Our approach and methodology?

The process of designing an artificial reef involves sustainable and environmental friendly methods. Broken coral fragments are collected from the lagoon bottom and attached strategically to artificial structures underwater that provides a secure base for the corals. With this method, habitats that lack coral patches or destroyed reef areas can be rehabilitated. Growing under favorable conditions, these corals enjoy a high survival rate and grow quickly. In a very short period, the entire structure gets covered with live corals to the extent that the structure cannot be visible.



In Coco Palm Boduhithi Resort in north Male’ Atoll, we designed an artificial reef underneath the spa and also along the walkway jetty as well as in the water villa areas. The goal was to design a reef in areas where there were no corals by consolidating loose scattered corals from the reef on artificial structures to increase the coral population and attract fish.

The waiting lounge in the spa has an open circular jetty, through which guests can see the water beneath. Part of the artificial reef was developed here, similarly to attract fish.

On the water villa areas, a similar structure was created and a reef was designed. This can be seen while standing on the walkway jetty as well as while snorkeling.

Our long term goal was to the creation of the “Coco Palm Logo” within the lagoon of the Escape Water Villas. 




Currently we can design reefs in various settings to suit the requirements of a particular resorts. Designing a reef requires fulfilling environmental requirements as well as a thorough assessment of the project and providing an effective management plan. The steps involved are as follows:

• Initial assessment
• Technical feasibility
• Concept development
• Detail assessment and surveying
• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Implementation of the project
• Monitoring
• Management and continuous monitoring

Water Solutions can provide all of the above from within our company. To get more information, please contact us.