Water Solutions

Environmental Monitoring 

Environmental monitoring forms the key strategy to manage the environment after completion of a project. Environmental monitoring is outlined in all the EIA's and all project proponents are required to undertake monitoring during the construction and after the project. Monitoring is to ensure that environmental changes are kept under constant watch and within a certain limit.

Examples of environmental monitoring include:
• Monitoring the changes to groundwater in islands where new sewerage systems are developed.
• Monitoring the erosion of the coastline over a time period.
• Monitoring the changes to the coral cover in a reef over a time period.
Water Solutions undertake monitoring of all major environmental projects in the Maldives. By deploying our consultants to the field at regular intervals to collect data, we make sure that the right data is collected at the right time.
Another aspect of environmental monitoring is Environmental Auditing where facilities are audited to ensure that they comply with local environmental regulations and standards. Such audits are often carried for Desalination plants, power plants and sewerage treatment plants.