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Harbour & Marina Design 

Harbours and Marinas
Harbour is an important infrastructure for most of the inhabited as well as industrial islands. Designing of harbours in Maldives require a thorough knowledge and understanding of the small island environment and an understanding of environmental demands such as wind, coastal erosion, currents and reef ecology.

Although most harbours in Maldives follow a similar design, designing harbours for inhabited islands and industrial islands require different approaches and thinking. The geographical setting of each island is different and the type of design and method will determine the cost, materials to use and its sustainability.

Mooring areas for resort islands are of particular interest, as their design is further complicated due to the limitations in developing them in resort islands. This require good knowledge and data to properly implement a particular design.

Marinas are not many in Maldives but this is an area that Water Solutions is presently working on providing our expertise and knowledge.

Our methodology?
Currently, we provide complete harbour design solutions that will incorporate the following elements:
• Engineering surveying for design phase.
• Advising on the best location for harbours and mooring areas, their shape and sizes.
• Designing the harbour including the quay walls, breakwaters, berthing facilities and others.
• Provide detail information for various material options for quay walls and breakwater construction.
• Incorporate coastal protection in places where it is required.
• Preparation of tender documents with BOQ and technical specifications.
• Regular supervision of the construction.
Designing of mooring areas require incorporating more environmental and architectural features in a resort to blend with the overall development. Designing mooring areas in resorts are more complicated as erosion factor has to be much seriously considered.

THis is the list of notable marinas in maldives