Water Solutions

Increasing Awareness 

Increasing Awareness

All major environmental projects often have an education and awareness component since it is critical for sustainability. Water Solutions, on behalf of the developer have undertaken similar awareness campaigns that focus on providing the necessary information to the public so that the communities input will be obtained. We usually undertake these activities through the use of multiple mediums including both print and digital media.
As consultants, we are also continuously engaged in empowering our clients so that they are more aware of the work we do and the benefits to them.
Our publications provide useful information and knowledge to a variety of groups including school children, investors, community etc in a range of fields including environmental management, coastal management, water resource, conservation and coral reefs among others. 




We have undertaken awareness developing exercises for both government and non government organizations. Our experience in this field includes:

• Development of visual materials on environmental awareness.
• Development of information maps.
• Undertaking workshops, seminars and awareness sessions for various environmental projects.
• Development of publications (Click here to jump straight to our publications website).


Infromative map of Hithadhoo island, Addu City