Water Solutions

Land Surveying 

Starting every project from a good land survey can make a huge difference.  

What do we do 

  • Topographic Surveying
  • As-Built Survey
  • Geodetic Control Survey
  • Cadastral Surveying
  • Land Registration
  • Utility Survey
  • Building Surveying
  • Monitoring and deformations
  • Elevations Plans
  • Volume Calculations



Our land surveying equipment consists of GNSS systems, total stations, levelling equipment and etc. In addition we have a wide range of software for processing and mapping purposes.  We are continuously investing in modern technology from industry leaders to modernize our surveying system and improve efficiency. 



Water Solutions had been providing land surveying services in the Maldives for the past 7 years.  Our core values of providing surveying services is to provide a better service than our competitors in the industry with a competitive price.   We are proud of our history in Surveying and mapping

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Topographic Surveying is considered mapping at scales larger than 1:1000 or in other words detail surveying. This is the most common type of surveys that are done in the Maldives.
Topographic Survey is required mainly for planning, engineering, construction, environmental impact assessments and sometimes for legal purposes.

Water Solutions is one of the few companies in the republic who can provide highly accurate surveying and mapping services. We have vast experience in industry than our competitors, and even we know the place well. We believe it is our strong edge in doing business, is to understand our client’s requirements and specification to its highest degree. Water solutions can manage large sites, more complex constructions, dredging and reclamation projects. We are continuously investing in new technologies surveying technologies.
Typically in the Maldives the clients would request the features, which they would like to survey during data collection. This is mainly due to two reasons, first of all the time taken by surveyors to measure, log and represent the data is slow, which ends up consuming a lot of time and it costs more, so the client has no choice to cut his cost by reducing the feature.



In order to give our clients with better service we have introduce surveying services with pre-configured parameters , whereby you no longer have to select the features separately, we have done the hard part for you.

Topographic Survey services Include :
1. Full Feature Survey
2. Minimal Feature Survey ( most economical option)
3. Topo for Harbor Development
4. Topo for Sewerage System Development
5. Topo for Road Development
6. Topo for Resort Development
7. Topo for Resort Re-development
8. Topo for Housing Development

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Today most of the Primary Control Networks are established using using GNSS ( GPS+ GLONAS). Water Solutions is fully equipped with the latest survey Leica GNSS instruments and post processing software and can carry out all aspect of GNSS surveying. We can collect precise static base-station observations to provide fully adjusted co-ordinated solutions for large scale mapping and major projects as well as undertaking real-time detailed surveys or setting-out .

  • Primary Control networks
  • Monitoring Points
  • Setting-Out
  • Static and Real-Time observations
  • Survey Control Stations
  • Photo Control
  • Permanent Survey Markers PSM