Water Solutions

Multibeam Survey (MBES) 

Survey Vessel WS Moresby  

WS Moresby is a custom designed survey vessel that has ample deck and cabin space for survey operations. It comes with suficient storage space and mounting points installed for a full MBES system. The draft of this vessel is only 0.4 m, which makes her perfect for coastal surveys. WS Moresby can operate in conditions of up to 2m of waves and can survey upto 100m depth. 

Teledyne ODOM MB2

The ODOM MB2 Multibeam Echosounder is developed for fast mobilisation on smaller vessels and is optimised for shallow water surveying. When it comes to collecting This high resolution system is easy to deploy and mobilise to all parts of Maldives.  



What Is Multibeam?

Multi-beam echo sounders are used to gather detailed information about the features on the seabed by measuring multiple depths from a single transducer array at high resolution.

Why do we need a Multibeam Survey?

It has many added advantages over the single beam alternative. Higher resolution data according to IHO standards, time efficiency, less error, additional data such as the bed texture and type determined using backscatter data and the Teledyne Odom Hydrographic MB2 itself has its own unique features like its real time roll stabilization feature, which minimizes the effect on the accuracy of the data caused by the waves hitting the vessel. The Applanix POSMV positioning system is able to maintain high level positioning accuracy under the most demanding conditions, regardless of vessel dynamics. Although the MB2 can sound to a depth of 200m it is ideally suited for shallow water surveying and it is able to sound a swath of up to 140° thanks to its amplitude and phase detection system.

Components of a Multibeam Survey Mission

Multibeam survey can be successfully completed by integration and use of multiple sensors. The sensors include:

Multibeam - Transducer array and topside computer
GNSS + INS - Tightly coupled Inertial navigation systems with GNSS
Subscription to a GNSS correction services
SVP - Sound velocity profiler
SV- Sound velocity meter
Power source
Stable platform - vessel that can accommodate all these sensors and personnel

Application of Multibeam

Some of the applications of Multibeam are:

Surveying of water courses such as harbours and ports
Near-shore coastal environments
Pre-design surveys used for determining pipeline or cable routes
Offshore projects such as the inspection of pipelines
Coastal protection survey for breakwater
Pre and post dredge survey for reclamation and dredging projects.
General hydrography
Large scale mapping